More than just an attitude of gratitude…

Sometimes, the most life changing moments come in the smallest of packages, like an envelope. And really, who knew that a white card sized envelope would forever change mine and the Danger Twins outlook on life. As you have probably read in my previous blog post (Death & Heels), I talked about the very untimely [...]

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Death and Heels…

It's funny how things can change in an instant, one minute everything seems to be trucking along and the next minute things are upside down. Our week last week was just like any other, sheep were doing good and we only have a couple weeks till the fair..BUT it all changed. One of Miss B's [...]

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The trouble with bullies or I’m baaaack!!!

So I must apologize for my absence. You see after my last post I received some disturbing messages that, well, really got me upset. It wasn't from someone responding to my latest posting, it was someone who chose to send me a message anonymously, saying some very disturbing things and involving my kids in their [...]

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Bless your heart, Ryan Gosling

So yesterday as I was cruising the social media world I came across many posts about Ryan Gosling and him wanting to save cows! Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read my sentence right...Ryan Gosling wants to save cows! He has teamed up with an animals rights organization to save cows, specifically in the practice of dehorning. So [...]

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Angels Among Us

So last night I was sitting in front of the computer, apparently the 8 hours a day I have with the one at work is just not enough time with this piece of technology, going over our list of activities for the next few days and syncing all my calendars ....sheep meeting, reports, etc. Oh yeah, don't [...]

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Celebration and Reflection

Ahhh, it's Friday! Besides the fact that it is the end of the work week (for most) it's also International Womens Day. Social media sights are all buzzing with post, pictures and dedications to women; and why not? Women do some pretty amazing things don't you think? So lets celebrate those women who are the [...]

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I remember when…

I always get a kick out of reading posts on the different social media sites that are day specific, like "Throwback Thursday or Fashion Friday". So I thought why not make an otherwise boring Monday into something good...so welcome to Memory Monday or I remember when. This is not to disappoint or depress anyone, just [...]

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The great sheep-steer conundrum or ‘Mom I wanna upgrade.’

It's just about time to get the market lambs for the Sonoma County Fair, something every 4-Her in the county is either in the process of doing or has already secured their lambs with their breeder of choice. And parents of these kids have had this timeline locked into their datebooks since the end of [...]

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A tree full of memories…

I have to say that I LOVE Christmas, no really, I love Christmas! Everything from the decorating to baking my Nonna's biscotti & Grandma Nina's fudge for my friends. But this year, I have been in a "bah humbug" state of mind as I have had to deal with my own fiscal cliff of sorts....one [...]

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Conversations around the dinner table part deux…

I've got this really great kitchen table.  To the untrained eye, it looks like an old table and chairs. Smooth surface, rounded edges on the corners on the table. Each chair looks like the other...but do they? At closer look, you can see the teething marks left by little ones sitting around the table, no [...]

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