Ah yes, the night before show day. This is the night that the parents have been waiting for or dreading….depends on who you talk to. At this very moment there are parents getting whites together and realizing they are doing this for the very last time or there are parents like me who are thinking, oh good gravy I forgot to iron that white shirt!

In our club, this is also the night that we all get together to have the first of two club barbeques. A time of celebration and a time to catch up with old friends or to learn more about new ones. We talk of the days events, exchange ideas or hear the latest of the barn gossip. Yes, even at times we could probably have our own reality show! But I know it’s no different than any other sport or organization out there. The Tuesday gathering also will also include an in depth discussion about what we observed of the judge, during the FFA lamb show, who is to preside over our show tomorrow along with discussing at nausea-umĀ  about our chances. The boys from Fox Sports Sunday have nothing on us! Terry Bradshaw I’m coming for your job!!

Today is what you would call a “down day”. Sheep are moved in, weighed and decorations are up on Monday so Tuesday is the day that the kids and the leaders work on their showmanship and any last minute details that need to be fine tuned before the big day….Show Day.

I want to point out that it takes a special person to be a leader….someone with nerves of steel, broad shoulders, patience and one hell of a sense of humor. It’s like a hostage negotiator, crisis counselor and a comedian all wrapped up into one. But most of all you gotta play well with others and be a great team player. All characteristics that not everyone possesses….so hats off to all you leaders who volunteer your time to help our youth succeed with their projects. Never under estimate the impact you have on the kids in your club or group.

So as I sit here typing out my entry, I reflect on the day and what lies ahead for the Danger Twins and hope that no matter what happens in that ring tomorrow, they have made some great memories and learned something new. But most of all, they can say that they had a great time this years Sonoma County Fair.

I better end this cause the creatures in my house are stirring and need their whites ironed and their gear ready for Show Day. So check back tomorrow to see how the sheep (Buster, Blue, Peanut & Posey) do at the fair along with all the fabulous Sonoma County 4-Hers!

A big GOOD LUCK to all the exhibitors who will be showing their market lambs tomorrow! And remember this…..No matter what happens, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished with your hard work and determination to get your animals to the fair. You Rock!