Today marks the end of the first week of school for the Danger Twins, and boy what a week it’s been! Not only was Miss B starting a new school and Mr B going into a higher grade, but we got to ride the wave of excitement and emotions with the rest of our community as the Petaluma National League Boys battle for a Little league World Series title! And I must brag for a moment about how proud I am to not only be from town that has such an outstanding team that carries on the legacy of the founders of the Petaluma Little League program, but my grandfather Mario Figone, was one of those founders who started the program with his buddies in Petaluma! What’s even cooler is that some of those little league boys go to school with the Danger Twins and I went to school with their parents! So I say good luck boys in your game tomorrow with Tennessee, no matter the outcome you truly are champions!

So with all of this excitement my nervousness for Miss B starting Junior High didn’t blow off the charts as I expected…but maybe it was because of 4-H?

Yes I do believe that because of Miss B’s involvement in 4-H she has had a very smooth transition from being a big fish in a small pond (elementary school) to being a small fish in a big pond (jr high). Why you ask? Well it’s because of those friendships she forged at 4-H camp & showing at the fair. When we went to orientation day I was super nervous for her that she would be lonely. She didn’t hang with one particular group of girls in school and her closest chums were actually those she showed with that went to other schools. But as we walked towards the courtyard before the announcements started I heard Miss B’s name being called, again and again! Wow what a toothy grin my daughter had when she heard her name called and it was at that point I knew I was worried over nothing.  As we made our way through the maze of orientation, ran into old school mates who their kids were attending jr high too, I catch a glimpse of my little girl who is actually quite grown up talk to her pals and reminiscing about the fair and 4-H camp. When I asked who certain people were she would say “oh that’s Vanessa, she went to camp with me” or “that’s Maddie, she was showing goats at the fair”. Pretty much every kid she talked to, she knew because of 4-H!

I often talk about the important life lessons kids learn in 4-H but to see it in action is amazing!

Who knows what the year will bring for Miss B, what I do know is that she has expanded her “school” of friends because of her involvement and is not a lonely fishie at school!

Today’s “Mad Shout Out” Goes to all those kids going back to school and getting back to the business of learn and also to our PNLL! Good luck boys, you make us all so very proud to say we are from Petaluma!!!