One component of 4-H is community service, which each member is required to participate in at least 3 community service activities. I think this is such a huge thing for kids to be involved in and so when the sign ups came around at 4-H the other night, the Danger Twins picked what activities they wanted to participate in. It’s up to them to choose because it gives them more of a “buy in”, they’re doing it because they want to NOT because they have to.

So their first community service actually took place last night, delivering food to a family in need….yep out in the pouring rain we went to meet other club members to assemble bags of food from the donations received from the night before at the club meeting. Now I must say that our club has this down to a science….family identified, food collected from club members and then the following night assemble the bags, pack the cars (with food & members) then head to the store to pick up the turkey and perishable items. Once in Safeway, we all were given an item to locate and bring back to the cart…to speed up the process so to speak. I’m sure the management and customers in the store were wondering what the large gang of mom’s and kids were doing in the store. Somehow in all the running around we got the items on the list and were out of the store in no time.

From there our car pool headed out once again in the rain to our final stop. I couldn’t help but wonder why mother nature couldn’t  give us a little break and stop the rain just for an hour. But bad weather wasn’t stopping this group from reaching our destination.

We pulled up to the house and everyone went into delivery mode….figuring out the best way to get the groceries in the house when the family came out to greet us. They were so very nice and appreciative of all of us being there and thanked us many times.  It was by far the coolest thing to be a part of, watching not only my kids but the other club members work together to bring relief and happiness through the door. In no time at all we were unload and headed home….an hour and a half out of our lives to help someone in need. Just think if we all gave and hour of our time to help others in need, it has a huge impact….I know first hand.

You see it wasn’t so long ago that the kids and I were relying on the local food bank and assistance when I was going through my divorce. It’s a hard place to be when you hit the point that you are in a place that you never thought you would be in, let alone relying on the system for help. I didn’t like asking for help, my parents were helping enough as it was but I was still not able to make ends meet. There were times of no heat,no electricity, no phone and lots of scrambled eggs for breakfast and dinner.  I remember coming home and there would be a bag of groceries on my front porch from time to time, no note just fresh fruit and veggies…you don’t appreciate fresh food until you can’t afford to buy it. To say it was a humbling experience is a HUGE understatement. A first class reality check on how your life can change. I take nothing for granted anymore and send a thank you everyday to the grocery angels who left food on  my doorstep.

Most of my friends and family have no idea just how bad it was, well they do now. But I’m not ashamed, I did what a mom is suppose to do…I kept it all together. And when I met that mom last night I knew she was keeping it all together for her family too.

When we got home last night, the Danger Twins were talking about how that was just like us and when we needed help. And how cool it was to be able to help someone else out. Then my daughter turned around and said “Mom, it’s kinda like being on the other end of thankful”. And she was right.

During this holiday season, please take a moment and “be on the other end of thankful”. There are so many families in our community that need our help….if you believe in shopping locally, why not help locally. And please, please never think it can never happen to you, because I am here to tell you it can. So on this thanksgiving I am thankful to those who give of their time to help others in need.

The Danger Twins and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!