It’s that time if year again where you will hear bells ringing outside many of the stores in Sonoma County. It’s Red Kettle time!! Each year, since the Danger Twins joined 4-H, they participate in the annual Red Kettle program through the Salvation Army of Sonoma County. Funds generated through the program help many families in our community through out the year with everything from after school programs to education.

This year we started off our holiday season with bell ringing after Thanksgiving …. the kids were dressed in their “whites” with their green 4-H hats & ties. Looking very sharp I must say and there is something about seeing 4-H kids in their outfits…I guess you could call it their business suit. But I have said it before and will continue to ask…”WHY white pants and shirts for kids?” Mention whites to any parent who has kid(s) in 4-H and you bound to see rolling eyes followed by a groan and then a story about how many pairs of whites it takes to get through the fair!!

Bell Ringing for the Holidays


For the 3 hours that the kids greeted everyone with a “Happy Holidays”, it was amazing to see the response from the public. I do believe that there were not many who didn’t stop and put money in the kettle. What a great experience for the kids to have a chance to help others. My normally shy guy was speaking up and tell all those who would pass by the kettle Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I think he just might have been more outgoing than his sister!! Even his 4-H buddy that was there with him, who is normally shy was getting into groove! This year an added feature to this program is that if your not able to give to the kettle, you can use your phone and text your donation to 80888, message: GIVE2DO SANTA ROSA.

The Green Valley 4-H club, along with other Sonoma County Clubs and Organizations, will be bell ringing up until Christmas and looking to raise lots of money for those who need a hand up. So while out shopping, grab that extra change and drop it in the red kettle. Don’t have change? Please consider texting your donation in. Think of the good you can do by giving!

A big thank you to my friend and fellow 4-H mom, Renee Nunes for adding fun to our bell ringing!

Big Shout Out to all of you who give and to all of you who give your time to gather donations! You Rock!


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