I have to say that I LOVE Christmas, no really, I love Christmas! Everything from the decorating to baking my Nonna’s biscotti & Grandma Nina’s fudge for my friends. But this year, I have been in a “bah humbug” state of mind as I have had to deal with my own fiscal cliff of sorts….one of the downsides of being a single mom. Two of the coolest elves around made sure the Danger Twins and I had a tree to decorate as a tree was not in the budget this year, let alone presents. The kids and I will celebrate, but just in a different way. There will be presents under the tree, just not as many as in years past. And that’s OK, because the “reason for the season” gets lost under all the wrap, boxes and expectations of the day.

The kids and I took 3 days to decorate the tree, not because each ornament had to be in a perfect place, but because of the sharing of memories for each ornament. Every part of that tree, right down to the tree stand, hold a special memory and it was such a delight to share with the kids. I have all the handmade ornaments from the kids and even some of mine from when I was in school. They were so amazed that my ornaments, that I made in the “olden days”, were still able to go on the tree. Umm, nothing makes you feel older than dirt when your kids say that to you! And I would just like to take the opportunity to apologize to my mom because I know I probably said the same thing to her!! I told the kids about our tree stand that belong to their great-grandparents and how cool it was to see it spin the tree around every so slowly. And also about how I, along with my cousins, could time it just right with the spinning, to get behind the tree and go through the presents to see what we got. I may have omitted the part about unwrapping to see what I got and re-wrapping, but they don’t need to hear or be given any ideas!

The Danger Twins shared their memories of holidays gone by, spending time up with Grandma Nina in the snow. And marveled at how the snow always was over the deck and the buffalo across the street in the pasture never seemed to mind all the snow. Can you see how the simple act of trimming the tree, ended up being a 3 day trip down memory lane? But I will tell you, that is one trip I would gladly take at any time.

What a gift it was to decorate this tree, something that no gift card could buy but will only add to the the long list of memories to share for Christmas’ to come. I truly could not ask for a better present. So while you may think we wont be having a Christmas full of fun and presents, I can assure you that it will be just as special if not more. As Miss B said the other night, “we have each other mom, and that’s all that counts”.  And there will be a little something for the Danger Twins, as we all know Santa always leaves treats!

The Danger Twins and I wish all of you the happiest of holidays and hope you all add a memory to your tree this year.


From our house to yours, Happy Holidays!