I always get a kick out of reading posts on the different social media sites that are day specific, like “Throwback Thursday or Fashion Friday”. So I thought why not make an otherwise boring Monday into something good…so welcome to Memory Monday or I remember when. This is not to disappoint or depress anyone, just to take a little trip down memory lane but also realize what time and change can do to a town. So here we go….

I remember when the milk trucks would drive through town to the California Cooperative Creamery

I remember when the museum was actually a library and when the new library was built

I remember when my friends and I would meet at PollyAnn Bakery before school on Kentucky Street

I remember when the light of the PHS football field would go out and the Homecoming floats would drive around the track all lit up

I remember when on a clear night you could hear Sunset Line and Twine machines running or the train whistle blowing off in the distance

I remember when on Saturday’s my mom and I would walk downtown to do errands which would include a stop at Tuttle Drugs and if I was good then a treat at Swenson’s

I remember when we didn’t have so many pot holes in our streets

I remember when there was a rodeo during the fair and events (Concerts/ Farmers Day) were held in the grandstands

I remember when there were lights at the baseball field at McNear Park and watching my dad play every Friday night

I remember when there were hay fields and grazing land on the Eastside of town

I remember when Ag was king in our little town

I remember when we were all “Glad to live in Clover Country

I remember when I couldn’t wait to break out of this town and I remember when I couldn’t wait to come back HOME!

These are just a few of the many memories I have of growing up in Petaluma and sharing them fondly with my kids. Just like any small town that becomes a city, new people move in and things start to change for the good and sometimes for the bad. Hey, I’m all for progress but smart progress and growth. What would our place be like  if we didn’t have the farms or dairies? And those properties were replaced with more housing tracks? Think about what June would be like without the Sonoma-Marin Fair! It may not cross your mind now, but as the saying goes “don’t know what ya got till it’s gone.”

So what do you remember? Do you ever stop and share your memories? Take a few minutes to remember and I bet those memories will bring a smile to your face.

Today’s shout out goes to my parents who, through their stories, keep those memories alive for the Danger Twins and I! Thanks  YayYa & Grumpy!!