Ahhh, it’s Friday! Besides the fact that it is the end of the work week (for most) it’s also International Womens Day. Social media sights are all buzzing with post, pictures and dedications to women; and why not? Women do some pretty amazing things don’t you think?

So lets celebrate those women who are the trailblazers, the ones who pave the road for others to follow their dreams. Celebrate the Mom’s, Grandmothers, Aunts and friends who have loved us and supported us for no other reason but because of love. And sometimes that love is tested but it is always strong. Lord knows I tested my mom a time or two and she can now sit back and giggle when I call and say “you are never gonna believe what the Danger twins did this time!

On this special day for women, I salute women’s organizations who work tirelessly to make a change. I give a big “High Five” to my fellow CWA Sisters who give up their time to educate on the importance of agriculture. You see, California Women for Agriculture is an all volunteer organization of women who come from all walks of life…our common bond is to promote-protect & preserve agriculture in California so we are not dependent on other countries along with keeping our farmers and ranchers viable.

These are women who use their vacation time to go to the State Capitol to meet with legislators or conduct educational tours for consumers and school groups. For most, it’s hard to understand the passion and the drive these women have. I mean, think about it….taking vacation time to go essentially “work”. I admit it does sound a bit crazy, but I guess you could liken it to the same type I love I mentioned earlier along with making a difference.

I am proud to say that I am one of these women, for I took a vacation day this week and walked the halls of the Capitol meeting with legislators. Each time I was able to tell my story and convey why agriculture is so important to our economy, I was planting that seed. It was a long day, but making those visits with fellow members, Karri & Barbara, made it all worthwhile. To say my feet were sore is a HUGE understatement, but when I got home to the Danger Twins I knew that what I did that day was all worth it. Because I was making sure that legislators knew how important programs like 4H & FFA are, how important healthy school lunches are and  most importantly that I was doing everything I could to ensure a safe reliable food source for my kids.

Women are amazing and we do, what we do, for love. Love of our family, friends and community.

So today’s shout out goes to all the women out there who, with every waking day whether you know it or not, are making a difference!