So last night I was sitting in front of the computer, apparently the 8 hours a day I have with the one at work is just not enough time with this piece of technology, going over our list of activities for the next few days and syncing all my calendars ….sheep meeting, reports, etc. Oh yeah, don’t forget laundry on that list….who knew you would have to put “laundry” on your schedule? Oh you can laugh, but I bet dime to a dollar you are writing down “laundry” on your To Do list for the weekend.

So as I was saying, I was going over our schedule and the thought occurred to me, “if my list is crazy, what is the kids’ sheep leaders schedule like?” Not only is she the sheep project leader she is the leader of at least one other project that I know of. That just makes me tired thinking of it now! Just when does she find the time to do anything for herself? Does she get to indulge in the Duck Dynasty marathon on TV or is she planning for meetings? Doesn’t quite sound fair!

Do we ever stop and think about those who volunteer their time to be coaches or sheep leaders? Probably not! I believe that we take for granted those who give their time to keep a program alive or a team from folding. Our culture is one that we automatically assume that someone will do it!

So today I say thank you! Thank you to all those who give their time to coach, mentor, instruct. Thank you to those who put in as much time if not more than their “paying job” for nothing more than a thank you and knowing they made a difference. And with the grief they have to go through at times you would almost have to wonder why they do it. I mean, who wants to deal with angry parents, sick animals among all the other craziness that goes along with the job. And it really is no easy job keeping kids engaged and programs running. But they step in where we can’t or won’t!

So here’s my challenge to all of you:  the next time you drop off at practice or attend a 4-H meeting, why not say thank you to that coach or leader….for if it wasn’t for those “Angels” we would have one less team and one less club or project!

Today’s Shout Out goes to Miss Sylvia, Miss Shelley, Miss Diana & Coach Billy who I can’t thank enough for being the “Angels” in the Danger Twin’s life through the years. And thank you to all those volunteers out there! You are appreciated in every way!


Until Next Time,