So yesterday as I was cruising the social media world I came across many posts about Ryan Gosling and him wanting to save cows! Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read my sentence right…Ryan Gosling wants to save cows! He has teamed up with an animals rights organization to save cows, specifically in the practice of dehorning.

So before I go any further, let me state for the record that I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion…that is what makes us unique! And that I will not mention by name, certain animal rights groups because I will not give any time or promote them in any way, shape or form. And let  me be clear on this that my opinion has come from numerous attacks not only verbally but physically by members of this certain animal rights group….all because I was voicing my beliefs on agriculture. Members of this group have verbally attacked my kids at the fair about their livestock projects, but the Danger Twins have always responded respectfully and even given a little education in their response.

With that being said, lets get back to poor Ryan Gosling. It seems as though he is concerned about dehorning in dairy cows and he sent a formal letter to the National Milk Producers Federation about his concern. Now I have to tell you that when I read the letter my first thought was, “Is this just a late April Fools Joke?” because this would be a good one if it was! but media reports have confirmed that it’s no joke.

Dehorning is necessary not only for the health and safety of cattle but also for the owner as well. And as time goes on, livestock practices evolve. I think the one thing that does irritate me to no end is that the farmer/rancher, the original steward of the land, comes under fire for mistreatment of their animals and has to constantly defend themselves for trying to provide the rest of us with a safe reliable food source. Yes, I do agree that there are cases of mistreatment but the industry as a whole is not corrupt as these groups would like you to believe. I know many that treat their livestock better than themselves!!

I do applaud Mr Gosling for his passion, but wonder if his celebrity couldn’t be better used for helping bring attention to the rising homelessness in our country or  the many children who go to bed hungry each night.

My takeaway from this is that before we take a stand, get the facts! This is a great opportunity to educate about the “real” story of agriculture and not the “hyped up” emotional version we get in the media. But most of all….Thank a farmer! Because without them, you would be living in a cave, naked eating twigs and rocks as agriculture is in your lives everyday…not just in the food you eat but the clothes you wear to the house you live in and the car you drive!

Today’s Shout Out goes to Mr. Gosling who got us all to think about how we can better educate ourselves on the importance of getting the truth and telling the story of Ag!