Sometimes, the most life changing moments come in the smallest of packages, like an envelope. And really, who knew that a white card sized envelope would forever change mine and the Danger Twins outlook on life.

As you have probably read in my previous blog post (Death & Heels), I talked about the very untimely death of Miss B’s market lamb so close to the fair and how we navigated through that experience. The kids and I have a small panic attack every time we pull up to the barn until we see all three residents of the Sheep Spa run out to greet us. But as the time for Sheep Week draws near, we are starting to feel the excitement again for our time at the fair. Miss B has decided that her lamb’s name should be Redemption, since she is so focused on doing really good this year to wipe out the past two years of disappointment. She has been working really hard twice a day with her lamb to be fair ready. And I gotta give big prop’s to her little brother, my ROCKSTAR AWESOME son, who has been a huge support for his sister. He has been so very sweet to her in his own way, helping her with whatever she needs. When she is feeling down, he will put halters on three lambs or give her extra help with her barn chores.

I have been so grateful for the words of encouragement and support Miss B has received…it was really a help to her. She has received flowers and a few cards with kind words that made her smile, even chuckle at times. So when my co-worker Mia handed me a card, I thought to myself “how sweet is she, to send Miss B a card“…. and that was last Thursday. So last Friday, as we were sitting in line for our turn at the new car wash in town, I asked Miss B if she had opened her card. Of course she hadn’t! She reached down into her bag and fished out the envelope. I had to laugh, because her first comment was “Mom I think this is one of those music playing cards cause it’s so thick“. As she started to open the envelope, I inched forward in line waiting for my turn to wash the weeks of dust of my car. Uggh, my poor car doubles as a ranch truck from April to August so you can imagine the large amounts of dust that can come off old grey!

As we entered the washing tunnel, Miss B lets out this emotional squeal and says “MOM” at the top of her lungs! Good gravy, I thought I was about to hit something! I looked over at Miss B and she sat with a card in one had and a wad of cash in another!! I couldn’t believe it! I was so stunned and couldn’t form a thought at that moment. She then started to read the card which had the most amazing words in it, and we both started to cry.


Many times in the days that followed, we would re-read the card and start to weep about the sheer kindness that was extended to Miss B by ALL of my co-workers. These are people that I see everyday, the ones who share their  stories about  family and their success along with the not so happy times when they occur. Never in my wildest dreams would I expect this, the complete out pouring of support. A HUGE thank you to my MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust) family for showing Miss B that even in the worst of times something so fabulous such as this can happen…which has changed us forever.

There are no words that will ever correctly express how much I appreciate this huge act of kindness and generosity, so the kids and I have decided that the only way to honor these fabulous people is to have nothing but a very large Attitude of Gratitude!

So I will finish out with a message from Miss B, no editing has been done to her change her wording:  It really sucked when my lamb died so close to fair. But I got really nice messages saying sorry and flowers. The people at my mom’s work were super nice and I hope that I can use that money to buy another lamb next year or even help buy a lamb at the auction this year from someone who needs help.

Won’t you join us and have an Attitude of Gratitude?

Until Next Time,